Happyganics all-natural products are made in USA with pure plant-based ingredients, safe for your baby and family.

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As my family has sensitive skin, I am always keen on trying natural products. I bought the 1st tin of Happyganics at Singapore Expo when it first launched. To my pleasant surprise, it cleans really well, not only our clothes, but also my baby's soft toys and pillows (even my helper commented that the soft toys feel squeaky clean). It is very important to me that Happyganics is marketed as 100% natural because he is at the stage where he puts everything & anything into his mouth to chew, so I will not want him to consume any chemicals while doing that. His skin also did not break out in any weird rash or skin conditions with this product. I recently bought my 2nd purchase of Happyganics and most likely will continue to do so.

— Gni Lau

I first purchased Happyganics during their product launch in one of the Baby Fair in Singapore Expo last year. I gave their product a try since I'm also looking for a detergent that's all-natural (without those strong chemicals). I never regretted my decision to use their product. :) Here are the few reasons why I so love Happyganics:

  • Happyganics is an all-natural product.
  • I love how it cleans my baby's clothes.
  • It's so economical that 1.5kg of Happyganics can last for 3 to 4 months (still depends on your usage).
  • Happyganics is environmentally friendly. (One simple way of saving our environment is by patronizing eco friendly products).
— Janet Antonio-Callado

I’m enjoying using your products. Tysm. The shampoo is not drying my hair and scalp even though I didn’t use the conditioner cos I always have itchy scalp. I used a lot of brands for itchy scalp but very drying and cause my hair to drop and crispy like dried. The bath foam also good. I even use it to wash my face : )

— Happy customer

I bought 3 small tins of Happyganics last June prior to my baby's arrival and I must say this is one of the best buys that I've made. Just a little bit of the organic washing powder goes a long way in cleaning the baby's clothes, towels and bedsheets. It even gets rid of the yellow poo stains very effectively! The natural ingredients in the powder helps to protect my baby's skin and I am now using it even for our own laundry. Definitely a great product!

— Jillian Kee

Happyganics is economical, chemical-free, no over powering fragrance, environmental friendly, and its awesome to know they have Corporate Social Responsibility - donating portion of revenue to charity organizations. Most importantly, it has 99.9% sterilization that REALLY works as they claim!!!! My laundry is clean, smelling good and "safe to wear", what else can I ask for ;-)

— Huifang Chen